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The final price of a detail varies based on services you need in relation to the current state and size of your vehicle. To gauge our prices, these are the standard rates for every service we offer.



Interior Detailing

Starting at $150

Standard Interior Detail

All interior surfaces including vinyl, leather, and plastics will be scrubbed and conditioned. Carpets blasted with compressed air and vacuumed up. Glass and plastics will be gently wiped.
Starting at $250

Shampoo Extraction

This service includes an interior detail and will target the staining on fabric surfaces. This is achieved with the use of enzyme cleaners and a heated upholstery extractor.

Maintenance Interior cleaning

Maintain your vehicles Interior condition with a monthly maintenance cleaning.

Exterior Detailing

Starting at $150

Standard Exterior Detail

Wheels, tires, and wheel wells cleaned and dressed; paint clay-barred and decontaminated; foam bath given to prevent scratches. Prior waxes stripped, replaced with a three-month ceramic sealant on all surfaces.
Starting at $600

Paint correction

This service includes an exterior detail and will remove up to 90% of embedded swirl marks and light scratches in your paintwork.

Maintenance exterior cleaning

Maintain the appearance and value of your exterior with our monthly maintenance detail.

Additional Services

Starting at $50

Engine bay cleaning

Engine bay will be degreased, cleaned, dressed

Headlight restoration

Oxidation and clarity will be restored to your headlights. Ceramic coating will also be applied

Touch up painting

Maintain your vehicles Interior condition with a monthly maintenance cleaning.