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Ceramic Coating Applications

Add Protection To Your Vehicle

Exterior Ceramic Coating

Applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle provides a protective barrier against environmental contaminants, such as bird droppings and UV rays, which would normally degrade your clear coat. It also makes maintaining your car’s exterior easier, as dirt, water, and oils will slide off rather than stick. These attributes combined ensure that your car will remain shiny and slick for the lifetime of the coating.

To install a ceramic coating, a paint correction polish will be performed for the best gloss and adhesion. This service requires a pre-consultation and will take one business day to complete.

Starting from $999.00

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Witness dirt and loose contaminants slide off rather than stick to your vehicle

UV Protection

Protect from UV rays that could potentially fade your clear coat over time

Long Lasting

Up to 5 years of chemical and UV protection with simple maintenance

Intense Gloss

A ceramic coating plus the included paint correction means your paint will be glassy and slick