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HIRAYA detailing LLC

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HIRAYA:  The fruit of one’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations

My name is Mark Budiao, I was born and raised in Waipio Oahu and I am the founder of Hiraya detailing. My detailing Journey began in high school when my parents lent me my first car. After receiving such a blessing, I felt the need to keep it in the best possible shape I could. While I wasn’t that experienced in mechanics, my love for this car made me want to learn how to at least keep it clean. After its first detail, the feeling of reviving the condition of something used to new never left me and sparked into a new hobby.

That spark later grew into a dream – owning my own business. As I practiced and studied my detailing skills, the path to entrepreneurship became clearer. Eventually, as time passed my family members and friends wanted me to detail their cars and I saw that as an opportunity to continually learn and grow. Being a small business owner in Oahu comes with its challenges, but what keeps me going is that satisfying feeling of a quality detail.

What distinguishes me as a detailer is my emphasis on efficiency and client satisfaction above all. I approach each client with open arms, offering insights into which detailing services might suit them best. Importantly, I never suggest services that don’t align with their lifestyle; I am here to assist and guide.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked for two local detailing companies specializing in chemical distribution and ceramic coatings respectively. This allowed me to gain key knowledge and experience for choosing the right chemicals and techniques for every detail. Not only that, I take pride in my work by capturing the process through filming and photography on social media.

Thank you for considering Hiraya Detailing. I invite you to experience our services firsthand. I’m confident you’ll be happy with the results.

Mahalo!  Mark Budiao.